BOXES - Our lines

The concept of space in movement in its best shape.
A strong base wraps around the lower bars, while soft, tapered lines give character to the upper part of the box.
No disturbance, simply aerodynamics, with livery available in 4 glossy colours.
FUNCTIONALITY: Double opening, FREE lock rapid quick coupling and load up to 75 kg, with 4 different capacities that make FREE top of the range of LEVUP products.
Rationality and Versatility:
absolute dynamism.
SPACE optimises the internal spaces, making it possible to attain peak versatility, expressed in the form of 4 capacities, with central closing, option of double opening, and a maximum load of 75 kg.
Essential, the concept of simple functionality.
Clear lines on the front and sides to highlight the practical and functional side of the CUBE line.
Three colour choices, with the usual LEVUP product safety.