FAQ - frequent questions and answers


How can I find a LEVUP item and the nearest store?
Simply send an e-mail to info@levupbox.com and we will reply as soon as possible with the contact details for our dealer.
Where are LEVUP boxes made? Where does the material used come from?
LEVUP boxes and made and assembled on Ferrara, and all the materials and components come from certified Italian producers.


Which roof box is most suitable for my vehicle?
All LEVUP boxes are suitable for any type of vehicle. When choosing a model remember to avoid compromising the driver?s field of vision and opening of the back door.
Do I need a drill or any other tools to fit the roof box?
No tools or equipment. LEVUP boxes have a pre-drilled system that makes it possible to fit the box without any tools. The few steps are illustrated in the fitting instructions contained in each box.
Alternatively, you can fix the LEVUP box using the convenient, quick fixing system known as FREE Lock Rapid, along with the solid sliding plate with gasket.
Are the boxes compatible with all types of roof racks on the market?
LEVUP boxes come with a standard fixing kit that includes 2 different types of U-Bolt, one for bars up to 65 mm and one for up to 100 mm.
This kit covers all the bars on the market, of any cross-section.
FREE lock rapid, the quick fix system, covers bars with a maximum width of up to 85 mm.
Can the boxes be used to go to the mountains in winter? (Weight of the snow and temperature fluctuations)
All LEVUP boxes are made using technically cutting-edge materials that are certified according to the strictest standards, which call for material conditioning tests and dynamic tests carried out at low temperatures.
This means that the same box can be used to go to the sea and to the mountains.
Is there a speed limit for vehicles fitted with a roof box?
There is no regulation that sets a speed limit with a box fitted, and so we would simply recommend that you obey the rules of the road for the country in which it is used.
As Italian manufacturers we recommend a top speed of 130 km/h.
In any case we recommend being careful to reduce speed when approaching bends, exiting tunnels, and when travelling in strong winds.
Once the box reaches the end of its working life, where / how can I dispose of it?
To dispose of the roof box in a suitable manner, LEVUP suggests contacting the nearest equipped dump site. All the materials of which the box is made can be recycled and disposed of correctly, fully respecting the environment.